Relaxing in The Sun

• From just quietly basking in the sun to joining volleyball or group dice games, one can choose from Wreck's variety of activities for all types of people.
• Perhaps that is part of the magic and allure of Wreck, along, of course, with the freedom of being able to be clothed only with the sun!
• Wreck beach is an especially magic place for families and kids and the child within with its wide sand flats for building sandcastles and often-warm, large, shallow pools.
Check Out Vendors Row

• When hungry, one can buy food ranging from Greek gourmetto Peruvian empanadas, which can be washed down with beverages of every shade and hue!
• From hand-crafted jewelry and sarongs to buffalo burgers and the freshest sandwiches in the West, one can savour the flavour of Wreck Beach on Vendors' Row while also getting a pedicure, massage or haircut!
• Normally in Canada, parks boards build fast food stands and rent them to concessionaires. The free enterprise arrangement, as well as freedom to be nude the way nature intended, is unique to Wreck and unprecedented in Canada.
Leisure Pursuits

• From bocci ball, juggling, and beach croquet, volleyball and dicing, one can pick from a plethora of fun things to do. • One can play Majong, checkers, Scrabble, and a variety of board games to help spend time in the sun even more pleasantly.
• As well, one can build unofficial sand sculptures, jog, dance to the throb of the beach drums which somtime begin in the summer afternoons,  join in the improv jam sessions, or merely just stretch out on the warm sands to listen to the ebb and flow of hot jazz, R&B, or primitive African rhythms.
• Wrapped in the serenity of the sun, dancers, drummers, musicians, and sun worshippers bond as the nightly sunset ritual draws them into its thrall!
Beach Music

• Wander off towards the breakwater and listen to the songs of the lovely birds swooping around. You can sometimes hear Frank playing those soft, haunting violin strains near the shoreline.
• Others get together and jam quietly amongst themselves as they enjoy a little relaxation after class at the university. Or sit in the thick of the group and choose from so many musical options. Many "regulars" get together with guitars for a hootenanny-style jam.
• This is truly one of the main features that makes Wreck Beach so different -- it's an international-Naturist Mecca destination, clothing-optional beach centered around a stable, core community of numerous "regulars" as we call ourselves. People are usually welcome to join in to harmonize, tap a foot, or just to relax and take it all in. Read more...

Beach volleyball

• Beach volleyball is one of the most popular sports on the beach.
• Bring a ball and organize your own game on one of two courts.
• Games are ongoing, but enthusiasts are always looking for new blood.
• Or just ask and you will find yourself involved in a game in short order.
• Some games are advanced with highly-serious players, while others are more relaxed for beginners.
• Pick a game that seems right for your skills and you will find yourself invited to join right in.
Beach Casino

• The point of these games is social interaction while enjoying the sun au naturelle.
• These games are nude-only.
• If you wish to try your luck, ask and if space is available, you may be asked to join in the next game.
• If it's money you're after, you'd be better off picking up pop cans for the deposit!
• The object is to have fun, not to get rich, as one can play for a Looney per game.

Body Art

Ever since the first Wreck Beach Day in 1983, body painting has evolved into a Wreck Beach tradition.
When body painters who had been invited for that day, failed to show up, Judy Williams bought her first body paints, and has never looked back. The painting at the right is done by Bob Vaughn. As Joi at Black's Beach became known for her body art, so too has Williams, who loves painting children and adults as well. On any hot summer's day or at the various Wreck Beach events, Williams will often put together a body painting team sometimes called Cricket Lady and the Crickettes. Together, other Wreck Beach artists and Williams can finish painting the line-ups of children and the young at heart who want to be decorated with body art. Children are body painted free, but most adults are asked to contribute to Wreck Beach fundraising. The paints Williams uses are actual theatrical ones although she also uses acryllics. Although Williams has been face and body painting for years, and takes great pains to ensure parents have given their permission to have their children painted, she cautions parents about allowing just anyone to paint or to photograph their children without permission.   "Better to err on the side of caution, than to take chances," Williams advises. Most parents stay with their children while they are being painted, and it becomes a fun family event!

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